As a start-up, BarWise needed to be shaped and created from scratch. I worked with the client to define and craft its soul and identity and created a mood board that allowed all the stakeholders to shape the brand's character.
With the mood board and its stakeholder input, I then crafted the brand's identity. Since the app replaces tomes of reference material, I focused on a book icon as the anchor image. To give it a legal touch, I mixed the books together with and an icon of a gavel to create the BarWise logo.
Users will spend a lot of time digesting content, thus I kept the colors, typography and layout easy to understand and read. With this in mind, I picked a serif font for headlines. But, I also needed to reflect the app's wise and playful side, so I chose a modern font for the text. By adding the warm colors of pink and orange with the primary color blue, BarWise looks both young and mature.
To shape the app's experience, I created a series of rapid drawings to determine how the design could best serve potential users.  With this foundation, I moved to the next step, mapping out user journeys and creating lo-fi prototypes.
Melding stakeholder and client feedback with my knowledge of the brand's soul and ethos, I took the concept to the next phase and created the interface design.
As with every app, we needed to market BarWise, so I designed a website to highlight its features.

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