I worked as the lead designer and creative director and led a small group of UI designers, working side by side with the lead developers. As creative director, my main role was understanding client needs and coming up with solutions that made the client feel confident about the steps we took to build design language on Pegasus’s website. Collecting data and listening to each department’s needs were the main challenges of this role. As the lead designer, I created core and critical pages according to client needs thanks to the support of workshops and brainstorm sessions with stakeholders identified by the client. With this knowledge of the client’s needs, I led the design team and make the design process flow fluently.

Our main focus was to create a flexible design system to give the client freedom and speed to create custom pages for a special or catastrophic event to ensure their unique needs were met. Modularity was our major approach to creating a system for them to alternate pages according to regional content differences.
Additionally, I designed Pegasus’ in-flight menu in 2017. To presenting-flight food and beverages options for the magazine-style menu, I worked together with a food photographer and stylists on multiple photo shootings. My role was leading the photography shooting, creating the menu layout and graphics.

Other projects