​​​​​​​After I joined the team, I worked as an interaction designer and helped enhance the flows and renew the major screens, including course offerings and details, as well as instructor and user profiles. To achive this first I started to build a style guide and a design system.
One of the app’s major problem was users had difficulty reaching instructors. Before digging and solve the detailed issues we had to change the main navigation.
Instructor profiles were almost hidden and contained very little information about their background and specialty. We categorized all instructors and made their profiles reachable from main menu. We also expanded the amount of information available for each instructor.​​​​​​​
Another major problem was that course detail pages lacked sufficient information. To increase user involvement on the page, we provided more data that they could see at a glance, while leading users to the booking sequence faster with more logically placed c2a buttons. In order to make these changes happen, I collected informations from stakeholders, worked on user journeys, made rapid prototypes and tests before entering the interface design phase.
I also enhanced the subscription flows after the client changed their payment method from pay-per-course to a monthly payment model, and I rebuilt user profile pages to give them more control over their accounts.

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